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Hartford city council considers resolution against Alden

On Monday night, members of the Hartford City Council introduced a resolution opposing Alden Global Capital and supporting the Hartford Courant Guild’s push for new ownership.The resolution accurately describes Alden as a "destroyer of newspapers" and asks the hedge fund to cease layoffs and other cuts, to refrain from buying further shares of Tribune Publishing, and to consider in good faith any offers that would return The Courant and other Tribune papers to civically minded owners.
 “Hartford’s elected leaders are sending our owners a clear message that they understand the value a strong Courant brings to this community and don't want to see it further diminished and diluted by a slash-and-burn hedge fund," the Hartford Courant Guild said. "Short-sighted cutbacks already have made it impossible for us to cover schools, local governments and communities the way we once could, and even more cuts are likely if Alden Global Capital becomes a majority shareholder. We cannot let that happen."
 The resolution has been referred to a committee and is expected to be voted on at a September meeting.