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​Tribune Publishing Has Accepted Our Request For Voluntary Recognition

Dear colleagues,

Today, the company agreed to voluntarily recognize the Hartford Courant Guild as a joint collective bargaining unit of nearly 60 members of the Hartford Courant and Courant Community. We acknowledge Tribune Publishing for taking this step, which expedites contract negotiations, and recognizes the overwhelming will of our newsroom to take a seat at the table.

Support for the Hartford Courant Guild has grown in the few days since we publicly announced our intention to organize. More than 80 percent of the members of our bargaining unit have signed union authorization cards.

We look forward to building a more productive and collaborative relationship with the company as we join the conversation shaping the future of the Hartford Courant. We fight for improved resources and support so we can continue to serve our readers to the best of our abilities.

To our colleagues, we need your input now more than ever. In the coming days, we will be in touch about formally collecting your priorities through a formal bargaining survey, as well as the formation of a bargaining committee and feedback structure. If you haven’t had a chance to get involved in the effort yet, now is a great time to make sure your voice is heard.

And, as always, bring all ideas, questions and concerns to committee members. We want to hear from you.